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Tired of jumping from one tool to another? As we come from the same background, we know the hassle it can be to manage your own agency.

That’s why we’ve built a suite of tools to manage offers in a centralized way, to tackle difficulties to manage the relationships with your clients and to create all legal documents from one central place.

All the features you need and plenty more to come

  • Publish brilliant ads in a few clicks
  • Connect your existing data with EASYTOPILOT and APIMO
  • Manage your customers, generate your legal documents and view your transaction history from one place.
  • Give access to all your colleagues
  • *Soon* Get new leads for your agency thanks to the “Find my agent” feature.

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Pay as you use policy

Publishing your offer only costs 1 credit/week. (1 credit = 1 euro). Yes, you read that right. 1 credit/week. And to make sure they are always seen by users or to make them pop on the users’ search results pages, opt for a topping or an highlighting.

No exorbitant prices. No hidden costs. Full of good surprises.

They already work with us

5 Reasons to join
Bingo’s community

  • Intuitive and clean design do make your properties shine
  • Qualified leads thanks to email and phone verifications
  • All dashboard tools are and will remain free to use
  • Flexible Topping and Highlighting options
  • Fair and transparent business model

Your Free Management Toolbox

Manage your

Automatically create
your legal documents

Add, edit, top and
highlight your offers

Manage your
incoming leads


Plenty more
to come


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